It has been my experience that while selecting the appropriate hearing aids is necessary for rehabilitation of hearing loss, the more important aspects are:

1. The patient-audiologist (or family-audiologist) relationship


2. Involvement of the communication partner(s) in the rehabilitation process


3. An accurate, rehabilitative fitting utilizing the skills and expertise of the audiologist an the input of the patient

It is this drive which has motivated me to open this practice. I want to use my passion and my skills to get the word out to the community – to individuals, families, schools, physicians, mental healthcare providers, employers – that evaluations of the auditory system should be part of a person’s regular healthcare and that hearing aids, when utilized properly as part of the (re)habilitative process, can open the world to those with loss.
At Sounds of Life Hearing Center, LLC, I intend to:
  • Bring better hearing and communication to northeast Ohioans
  • Provide thoughtful and thorough fee-based hearing screenings and hearing aid assistance at preschools, schools, and senior living facilities
  • Itemize and partially unbundle hearing aid pricing as only part of the cost is for the device and the rest is in the audiological services (the selection, fitting, and continued care necessary for hearing aid fittings and successful rehabilitation)
  • Complete best-practice auditory processing evaluations and develop rehabilitation plans accordingly
  • Integrate “disruptive” technologies, such as over-the-counter devices, into my practice.
  • Invest in my continuing education and the training of audiology students to improve myself and the future of my profession