Medicare does cover hearing tests as long as there is:

1) An order* for testing (can come from primary care, specialist, or other ordering Medicare practitioner)

2) "Medical necessity":

We will decide based on your history or symptoms whether testing is "medically necessary" to maintain in compliance with Medicare policy. If there is not an apparent medical need for testing, you will be required to self-pay for the appointment.

*If you feel your audiologist should be able to be reimbursed for Medicare-covered services without the need to first obtain a medical order, you can go to Choose Audiology to find out about how to contact your representatives and encourage them to support the bipartisan proposed House Bill H.R. 4056 and Senate Bill S.2446, the Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act (MAASA).

Medicare Coverage of Hearing Aids - Limitations

Hearing aids and related services are statutorily excluded from Medicare.

If billed to Medicare, reimbursement will be denied; however, many Medicare replacement plans do provide coverage for hearing aids. Please contact us with any questions.