What is Lenire?


Tinnitus Treatment Device

Lenire is a tinnitus treatment device proven to be effective in a recent large-scale clinical trial.


Low Risk

Lenire is a take home device that uses sound and tongue stimulation to soothe tinnitus. Lenire is a low risk, non-invasive tinnitus treatment.


FDA: First-of-its-Kind Device

Lenire is the first medical device of its kind granted approval for the treatment of tinnitus by the FDA.

What Makes up the Lenire Device?


Wireless Bluetooth headphones that are paired with Lenire's custom sounds to deliver audio to the part of the brain that processes sound.


A device that that sits comfortably in your mouth and sends mild pulses to the surface of the tongue to activate nerves.


Portable handheld device that allows you to control the sound volume and tongue stimulation.

Lenire Patient Testimonials

You need more information? Check what other persons are saying about our product. They are very happy with their purchase.
My hope with the device was to try and reduce the level of tinnitus back to a level where I was comfortable, like prior to when I had the ear infection and from using the device that’s where I am now, I’m back to a situation where my tinnitus is much less prominent, much less distracting. The tinnitus did affect my interest in music because you say to yourself what’s the point if I’m not hearing properly. I can now go back to doing things that I wasn’t able to do over the past few years – writing and recording music. Going on the results I have I would recommend it.
My tinnitus now is at a level (where) I just take no notice of it. I just found, I don’t hear it. I just don’t hear it all, so for me that Lenire device has been a lifesaver.
I was down to about 2 hours sleep per night’ ‘It affected everything, there’s no other way of saying it, it affected your whole life’ ‘People who have it will probably understand this more – when you’re sitting at home and you have the constant tone and then for some reason just a random sound can give you a spike where it goes just way off the scale. Those spike stopped for me probably on week 3 [of using Lenire].